All about Knives & Knife Skills (Northeast)

The knives available to home cooks today are both cheaper and far more effective than the ones that you may have been using in the past. Bring your current go-to knife and see how it stacks up against newer ones and find what works best for you. Equipped with a very sharp and more steeply beveled knife and the grip and skills to use it, you will look forward to preparing raw ingredients in your kitchen.

Jan Zita Grover

JAN ZITA GROVER has cooked, catered, run a professional kitchen, and taught classes for more than 30 years. An historian by training, she is particularly interested in the cuisine of other countries and the foods eaten by early settlers. Growing up in San Francisco, Jan was exposed to the food traditions of many Asian and European cultures. She loves teaching the basic techniques so people can improvise joyfully and skillfully on their own. In 2008, during the Great Recession, she created the “3 Days, 3 Ways” program of thrifty recipes for St. Paul's Mississippi Market.

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  Jan Zita Grover

Northeast Middle School : 104
Wednesday, Mar 20
6:00 - 9:00 PM


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