GEMS/GISE at Wenonah

GEMS and GISE are award-winning STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) programs that energize students' excitement about the possibilities in cutting-edge science. Students will engage in project-based, hands-on learning and problem solving. *These are year-long courses starting October8th and ending May 7th. Students who sign up for this class will be enrolled for the entire school year.

Fall session - LEGO Robotics

  • Using LEGO building elements, motors, and sensors, students work in teams to build different robot prototypes and program them with a computer to move, react, and make sounds.

Spring Session - The Science of Speed

  • Students work in teams to design and test several vehicle designs (including downhill racers, sail racers, balloon buggies, rubber band racers, air pressure racers, solar powered designs, and CO2 balsa wood dragsters) and explore the forces (mass, thrust, friction, drag, etc.) that affect the motion and speed of their vehicles.
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Wenonah School : TBD
Tue/Thu, Oct 8 - May 7
4:05 - 5:25 PM

  No Class Oct 15, Oct 17, Oct 29, Nov 26, Nov 28, Dec 24, Dec 26, Dec 31, Jan 2, Feb 18, Feb 20, Mar 31 & Apr 2


Grades   1st - 2nd

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