Adventures in Cardboard (Grades 3-5)

Adventures in Cardboard® blends competitive play and cooperative storytelling in a unique way. We weave stories into our game play where characters have built-in strengths and flaws. We play heroes or villains - absurd, poetic, obsessive, maniacal, profound, ridiculous but always larger-than-life. Kids can use the rules of our games to determine contests and outcomes, or they can improvise how their stories play out earning the consent of other storytellers. Sometimes they do both simultaneously.

And there are so many invitations into this happy chaos. A person who builds fantastic armor, costumes or props can become an icon. Each participant finds their way into the story through game play, role play, or crafting, feeding a respect for a variety of talents and a stronger sense of community. The results are often miraculous and the activity seems to create a greater capacity for communication and empathy.

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Dowling School : Outside Grounds
Tuesdays, Oct 8 - Dec 17
3:10 - 5:10 PM

  No Class Oct 15 & Nov 26


Grades   3rd - 5th

Price: $ 160 00

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