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African American History: Road to a More Perfect Union (Southwest)

Adult Enrichment / Academic -
Adult Enrichment Spring/Summer 2021

This is a fact-based history of African Americans in the U.S. since 1619. Class is participatory, examining contemporary problems of American history most of us were never taught.

Theresia Crisler

Theresia Crisler was born in Meriden, Mississippi and attended North High School and the University of Minnesota, majoring in history and graduating with Honors in June 1973. Ms. Crisler also earned a Juris Doctorate degree from Northwestern University Law School in Chicago Illinois and has practiced law in the Twin Cities area since 1977. She has also been a consulting lecturer in Civil Practice for the Legal Services Corporation and an Adjunct Law Professor at William Mitchell College of Law.  

Over the years Ms. Crisler has nurtured her love and curiosity about the past by studying and travelling to historical sites. In doing this she realized how little she had been taught during her formal education about the contributions of people of color to the building of the United States. After taking a 5-day historical tour trip of Civil War battle fields in 2010, she became disheartened to find that there were few if any references to the African-Americans who lived in the area or fought in those battles. She began reading historical novels of the period, including biographies of African-American men and women who had lived before and during the Civil War, several of the Slave Narratives, and compiled histories about Black people in North America. Theresia enjoys sharing her research and passion for the ‘settling’ of the western United States before and after the Civil War and how America views itself through the ‘myths of the West’.  She passionately conveys historical information about the travels westward  of African-Americans. Along the way she discovers the close connection African-Americans and Native Americans shared historically which supported the survival and adjustment of African-Americans in North America.

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  Theresia Crisler

Wed Apr 14 & Wed May 12
6:30 - 8:30 PM


Min Age   18 yr.

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