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Driver's Education Classroom Training (Edison)

Driver's Education-Teens -
Youth & Family Spring/Summer 2021

Driver’s Education Classroom Instruction: *ONLINE

Minnesota’s Graduated License Program provides 3-phases of licensing for persons under 18-years-of-age. It is designed to ease young, inexperienced drivers into the driving environment.

This course will be the 1st-phase of the licensing process and will prepare students to take the written knowledge test to obtain their Class D, Instructional Driving Permit with the State of Minnesota.

The course consists of 10 – 3-hour classroom sessions. Courses are taught by state certified driving school instructors hired by Minneapolis Public Schools.

Technology requirements for ONLINE classes:

This class is dependent on access to technology and reliable internet.

The student will need access to:

  1. a computer with working camera & microphone
  2. a Minneapolis Public Schools email address to access Google Meet & Classroom (*Non-MPS students, please email Community Ed for log-in credentials)
  3. Reliable internet
  4. a telephone (with or without texting)
  • Students in ONLINE Driver’s Education classes are required to have their cameras ON, with their whole face visible, for the entire duration of each class.
  • You will need to download and/or print a copy of the MN Drivers Manual.

Obtaining a driver’s license and driving a car is a privilege that comes with serious responsibility. The following is a list of expectations students must abide by, in order to attend and pass this class:

1. I understand that driving a car is a privilege that comes with serious responsibilities. I will respect my instructor, the guidelines for the classroom and the method of teaching that is presented to me.

2. I will attend every class session, be on time, and fully engaged in learning at each class session.

3. I will be prepared to learn every day by having my technology (laptop and/or computer and phone) ready and fully charged.

4. I understand that my face must be fully visible on camera for the duration of the class.

5. I will communicate with my instructor. I will advocate for myself by asking questions if I do not understand the material presented. I understand my instructor wants me to succeed, get my Certificate of Completion and pass my knowledge exam.

6. I understand that failure to follow these expectations may result in the student being removed from class, at the discretion of the instructor.

7. I understand that class tuition fees will not be refunded if I am removed from class or if I do not complete the 30-hours of scheduled class time.

Registration & Waiting Lists:

To register, parents/guardians need to create an account/profile and then add the student's information. If the class is full, add your student to the waitlist. If you save payment information while joining the waitlist, we can more efficiently add your student to the class. Payment will not be collected until the student is placed into the class.

Process for obtaining a MN Class D, Instruction Driving Permit:

Complete an approved 30-hour Driver’s Education Classroom Instruction course.

Receive a Certificate of Completion from the Classroom Instruction course.

Enroll in an approved *Behind-the-Wheel Instruction course, of your choice; provide your Certificate of Completion.

Receive a Certificate of Registration or “blue card” from the Behind-the-Wheel Instruction course provider.

Take your blue card to an approved DMV testing facility to take a written knowledge test.

Pass a written knowledge test, vision test, complete an application and pay the required fees (a parent or legal guardian’s signature and certification will be required). Receive your MN Class D, Instruction Driving Permit.

*Cost for Behind-the-Wheel Driving Lessons are NOT included with this class. Mpls Community Ed does not provide this service. Registration for BTW is done independently, by parents & students, with any driving school of their choice. Expect the cost to range between $200 - $600. Mpls Community Ed does not endorse any specific driving school.

Attendance, Refunds & Weather Cancellations:

Classes are highly structured and there is no flexibility for missing classes or making-up the work. MN state law requires students to participate in all 30-hours of classroom education.

Students can be 14-years-old to participate in class, they must be 15-years-old to obtain a permit.

Confirmations & communications will be sent via email.

Northeast/Edison Summer 2021 Community Education Contact:

Jane Greenberg Coordinator:

* An on-line teleconference variance for this class was made in response to MN Executive Order 20-57, allowing school districts to use distance learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. The expiration of this variance will require classroom instruction done by distance learning, to transfer back to the classroom setting. 

DRE-74004-Su21-ED-3 Closed

  A+ Driving School

Online Class
Mon-Fri, Jul 12 - Jul 23
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Min Age   14 yr.

$ 125.00
Class Fee

Online registration is over