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Yoga: Chair Yoga (Barton) ONLINE

Adults with Disabilities ACCESS Program / Sports, Recreation & Exercise -
Lifelong Learning 55+ Fall 2023

Learn gentle adapted yoga sequences while seated to increase flexibility, coordination and strength. 

Mary Jane Devine

M.J. is a certified yoga teacher, and is registered with the National Yoga Alliance. Her teaching style is fun, calming, and informative. M.J. teaches about the power of breath and the connection between breath and movement. Her class leaves you feeling balanced and renewed by linking poses in a flowing series to develop strength and flexibility for EVERY body. All are welcome to the multi level gentle yoga classes!

Yoga has been scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and stress, protect your joints, build strength and balance, and improve flexibility. Chair Yoga refers to a gentle form of yoga that is practiced sitting on a chair, or standing using a chair for support. For those who can’t get on the floor to do a traditional mat yoga class, chair yoga offers wonderful health benefits.

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  Mary Jane Devine

Tuesdays, Oct 3 - Dec 12
12:15 - 1:15 PM


Min Age   16 yr.

Price: $ 65 00

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