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Capsule Wardrobing: Take Control of your Closet (Lake Harriet)

Adult Enrichment / Personal Development -
Adult Enrichment Spring 2024

If the thought of cooler days indoors has you de-cluttering and exploring Kondo, we can take it to your closet in these two 75-minute sessions! There will be homework!

1) Capsule Wardrobing 101: the hows and whys of Capsule Wardrobing, building 5- and 10-piece wardrobes that can create 15-30 outfits for work, play, travel. We will identify your personal style, icon inspirations, and how to determine your clothing budget, including how you are spending time/energy/money on creating a flattering look that tells your story.

2) Wardrobe Re-Style: bring in your “orphan pieces” — clothes bought on impulse, inspiration or sale, and we will build a capsule wardrobe from your closet for them. We will do the math for PPW (Price Per Wear), and talk about when to splurge and how to invest.  We will explore how to best re-home the clothes that no longer support your style story.

AE-53000-S24-LHU Closed
Lake Harriet Upper Elementary School : 011 - Media Center
Mon Apr 22 & Mon Apr 29
7:30 - 9:00 PM


Min Age   18 yr.

Price: $ 29 00

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