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East African Adventures in Parenting (Afaan Oromo/Amharic) - Adeemsaaf Turtii Guddisa daa’immanii irratti (umurri 0-5) (Birth to Kindergarten Enrollment) Separating

Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) / Somali/Kubaxa/Kutaa barnoota Oromo/Ahmaric -
2021-2022 ECFE Semester 1

This is a separating class (child and parent spend time together and apart). 

Maatii fi daa’imman faarsuu, taphachuu fi barachuu dhan saa’ati wallin dabarsu. Maatiin wa’e guddina daa’immanii, mana barumsaaf qopha’uma isaanii, waan amala irratti jijjirama fidan, Amalaa fi walitti dhufenya obboleeyyaan. Guyyaa tokko fi lama maatii fi daa’imni daree keessatti ni argamu.

Caalaati hubachuf Atalech Worku bilbila 612.517.5721 quunnamaa.  Amharige: 612.517.6001


ተጨማሪመረጃከፈለጉወ|ሮአታለለችወርቁንበ 612.517.6001 ወይምበ 612.517.5721 ስልክቁጥርይደዉሉ

This class is for parents (whose first language is not English) with cultural differences related to parenting in Minnesota. Parent discussion will focus on child development, school readiness, temperament, guiding behavior, and sibling relationships. Oromo language assistance provided.

For more information on this class please call: Afaan Oromo: 612.517.5721 -- Amharic: 612.517.6001

A limited number of Infants 0-4 months are welcome to stay with parents during discussion time. Please enroll your young infant only in the Sibling Care option. NOTE: These young infants will remain with the parents during discussion time.

ECFE classes are priced on a sliding fee schedule based on family income. Please choose the fee that best fits your family budget.

A 10% surcharge will be added to fees for Non-Minneapolis residents.

APOA MTH 930 21F

  Sibling Care Offered

Mona Moede : ECFE EC Room A127
Thursdays, Sep 16 - Jan 27
9:30 - 11:30 AM

  No Class Oct 21, Nov 25, Dec 23 & Dec 30


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