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Latino Infants - Infantes - Sin Separación (0-12 meses) (0-12 months) Non-Separating

Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) / Clases para Latino -
2023-2024 ECFE Semester 1

This is a non-separating class (child and parent together for entire class).

En nuestras clases para infantes (edades 0-12 meses) usted y su bebé explorarán las alegrías y desafíos de esta etapa mediante música, actividades de juego y aprendizaje.
Las clases son dictadas por un Educador de Padres licenciado, y cubrirán temas como desarrollo, cómo calmar a su bebé, ayudarlo a dormir entre otros temas.

The age range listed for this class is based on the child's age on the date the class session begins.

All of our infant classes are taught by licensed Parent Educators and explore the joys and challenges of adding a new member to your family. 

• Music, play & reading activities are a part of every class 

• Parent discussion includes topics on infant and parent development, sleep, calming, adjustment to parenting and all things important for parenting an infant

ECFE classes are priced on a sliding fee schedule based on family income. Please choose the fee that best fits your family budget.  

A 10% surcharge will be applied to fees for Non-Minneapolis residents.

IL EW 1 23F
Las Estrellas Dual Language Elementary School : ECFE EC & PE Room G105
Wednesdays, Sep 13 - Jan 24
1:00 - 2:30 PM

  No Class Oct 18, Nov 22, Dec 20 & Dec 27


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