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Our parenting pages are packed with research-base information that you can access at your convenience for the entire school year for a flat fee of $20 per topic. Register online.

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  • ECFE ONLINE Classes (2018-2019)

    Our online classes are packed with research-based parenting information that you can access at your convenience for the entire school year for a flat fee of $20 each.     Birth to Two: A Time of Rapid Development - Explore the various developmental stages of the first two years. Learn about attachment, sleep, nutrition, separation and how to lay the foundation for great literacy skills.  Brain Development - The early childhood years are critical for healthy brain development. Explore what science tells us about how the brain grows and what parents can do to best support this growth. Materials will look at the sequence of brain development, how various regions work together and how to help your child develop executive function -- a critical skill for school and life success.    Empathy - Empathy is a cornerstone of healthy social and emotional development. Access a variety of current, research-based articles that will show you how to be an emotion coach for your young child.  No Drama Discipline - Setting limits is challenging for all parents at various times. Explore concepts from the book, No-Drama Discipline, and learn principles for guiding your child's behavior in a way that is respectful to both you and your young child.  Parenting Articles - View a variety of research-based parenting articles to gain insight into some current topics such as: gender, resilience, importance of play and more.  Toilet Learning - Though a very exciting milestone in a young child's life, the toilet learning process can be stressful for parents. We have pulled together some of the best and most well researched tips we can find from a variety of viewpoints on:  assessing readiness cues, tuning in to your child's unique timetable, what to plan for, how to support without pressuring and ways to celebrate the successes!