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  • Hmong Adventures in Parenting - Hmoob Niam Txiv (Birth to Kindergarten Enrollment) Separating

    This is a separating class (child and parent spend time together and apart). This class is specific to Hmong speaking families. Parent discussion will focus on researched-based information around topics that relate to child, parent, and family development, parent-child relationships, and culture and community. The goal is to help give our children the basic foundation to succeed in school and in life. Class is taught by a Hmong Parent Educator. For more information on this class please call 612.668.0391. A limited number of Infants 0-4 months are welcome to stay with parents during discussion time. Please enroll your young infant only in the Sibling Care option. NOTE: These young infants will remain with the parents during discussion time. ECFE classes are priced on a sliding fee schedule based on family income. Please choose the fee that best fits your family budget. A 10% surcharge will be applied to fees for Non-Minneapolis residents. Hmoob Niam Txiv Cov muaj hnub nyoog: Thaum yug-kindergarten cuv npe kawm Siv sij hawm nrog koj tus menyuam koom kev lom zem, kev kawm ua ub no. Niam txiv kev kawm ntawv yuav ua kom paub tseeb rau menyuam kev loj hlob, npaj txhij rau tsev kawm ntawv, kev siab luv, kev coj tus cwj pwm, thiab sib raug zo o ntawm kwv tij nus muag. Hmoob: 612.668.0391