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After School Youth Classes
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Grant Lime Huddle - Andersen, Anwatin, Cityview, Folwell, Green Central, Hall, Jefferson, Jenny Lind, Lucy Laney, Northeast

K-5 Orange Huddle - Armatage, Bancroft, Barton K-5, Dowling, Emerson, Hale, Kenny, Lk Harriet K-5, LNCS K-5, Loring, Marcy K-5, Northrop, Seward K-5, Waite Park, Webster, Whittier, and all other K-5 students

High School Purple Huddle - FAIR, North, Washburn, Wellstone

6-8 Scarlet Huddle - Anthony, Barton 6-8, Justice Page, Lk Harriet 6-8, LNCS 6-8, Marcy 6-8, Sanford, Seward 6-8, and all other 6-8 students

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