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  • Introduction to Glass Blowing (Ella Baker)

    This class is great for beginners with or without any experience! The student will learn safety fundamentals, tool and torch usage, solid rod welding and gathering, color application, shaping, and more. Students will be able to create small trinkets, marbles, paper weights, plant rods, or anything else that can be thought of with the skills learned. Class Policies: Please arrive at your scheduled class a few minutes early to fill out applicable paperwork and receive assigned safety glasses. Liability waivers and emergency contact forms must be filled out in order to participate in class. These forms will be provided upon arrival, prior to your scheduled class. Requirements: No sandals or open footwear - shoes must have closed toes and heels No loose sleeves or long dangling necklaces/bracelets Long hair must be tied back Please come to class fed and hydrated - standing is required for the duration of class for optimal safety. [A chair may be provided if needed for medical reasons] Recommendations: Cotton or natural fiber clothing recommended (It’s best to avoid synthetic clothing as it could melt in the case of an accident) It is highly recommended that you bring water to drink Free street parking will be available to all students in the front of the building. There is typically ample parking available on our block. If a student arrives to class inebriated they will be asked to leave, for safety purposes. Students will not receive a refund in this case.