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  • Electrical Circuits (Southwest)

    NOTE: After the brochure went to press, this class changed to 3 hours each night and the price has increased to $45. Brighten your knowledge of different types of wire, circuit breakers, light switches, wall receptacles and how to replace them. Wire up and test three different circuits. You can choose to wear a face covering/mask based on personal preference or level of risk. Participants with COVID or any signs of illness should stay home. If class is full, please enroll for the waitlist. We will contact you if a space becomes available.
  • Gardening for Wildlife: Enjoying & Maintaining the Wildlife Garden (Roosevelt) ONLINE

    This is a continuation of our Gardening for Wildlife series. Learn how to enjoy specific wildlife in the yard, how to maintain yard and garden without using insecticides/chemicals, etc. Gardening for Wildlife Series: The secret to attracting butterflies and other wonderful wildlife to your yard lies in restoring the natural habitat. Learn the fundamentals of wildlife gardening and ecology, and how your yard can work with nature, not against it. Walk through the requirements of certifying your yard as a National Wildlife Federation Habitat and discuss landscape plans, layouts, native plants and gardening tips. This class is suitable for the novice and advanced gardener. This class is now being held online, interactive through Zoom. You can choose to enable your camera and audio, or just view the live content. There will be time to socialize with fellow students and the instructor if you choose to, before and after each session. More information will be sent after you enroll.
  • Raising Monarch Butterflies (Lake Harriet)

    In the wild, only 1% of Monarch eggs will become butterflies. Increase their survival rate to 95% by raising them in your home. Learn great gardening tips for milkweed and how to care for caterpillars from egg to chrysalis. Most of the supplies you need are already in your home.
  • Seasonal Home Maintenance Tips (Washburn) ONLINE

    Minnesota homes weather the ups and downs of all four seasons. Homeowners can prevent major issues by taking small steps every time the seasons change. In this webinar, instructor Manny Manzano will discuss topics like furnace tune-ups, roof maintenance, fireplace care, and leak prevention. Basements to chimneys, interiors and exteriors – this class covers the whole house! You will leave with a checklist for seasonal maintenance tasks. Topics include: Water: hoses, draining the pipes, lawn irrigation systems, back flow preventers Air: Cleaning outside air intakes and exhaust vents; dryer duct Exterior: caulking and weatherstripping; insulation Furnace/boiler: tune-ups, filters, thermostat batteries; humidifier filters Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms: batteries; location; replacement of old units Roof: checking offit and roof vents; cleaning gutters; downspouts and underground drains Fireplaces: flue cleaning/inspection; insert cleaning; damper operation And more! This class is funded and made possible by the Hennepin County Green Partners Grant. The Green Partners Grant supports local projects that motivate residents to practice environmental stewardship through individual action. This class is brought to you by Rethos: Places Reimagined and Minnesota Tool Library. The Rethos Education program is funded in part by the State of Minnesota from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund through the Minnesota Historical Society.
  • Urban Foraging Workshop - Summer (Southwest)

    This is a great class to begin your foraging journey and experience urban landscapes through a forager's eyes. Join Tim Clemens, founder of Ironwood Foraging Co., for a 2.5-hour hands-on urban foraging workshop to learn about the abundant edible and medicinal landscape all around you. Topics we will cover include: wild plant and mushroom identification, foraging ethics, safety, tools, legality, and resources where you can learn more. Meeting location will be in the south Minneapolis/Edina area. We will email the location to you prior to the workshop. Workshop locations may vary depending on what is available at that time. The terrain is level, the pace is slow, and difficulty level should be easy, but may not be wheelchair accessible. If class is full, please enroll for the waitlist. We will contact you if a space becomes available.
  • Window Repair (Henry)

    Save money by learning how to take apart and fix sticky, drafty, cracked or broken windows. Topics covered include sash cord replacement, glazing and the five points of draftiness.