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  • Sanford Afterschool (Winter 2023)

    This year we have two shorter Winter Sessions: Winter Session 1: Jan. 9 - Feb. 16 (6 weeks) - view class schedule and Winter Session 2: Feb. 27 - Mar. 30 (5 weeks) Please note: no afterschool Jan. 4 - 6 or Feb. 22 & 23 Register your student for Winter Session Number One by clicking 'Enroll Now' to the right. Students may select their classes during snack time. 10 Things to Know About Afterschool Programming at Sanford! 1.Afterschool classes are offered Monday through Thursday 3:10pm to 5:40pm with a super snack provided by Sanford’s food service staff. 2.Sanford’s Community Education Afterschool program is low-cost with a sliding scale registration fee for each session. Families should pay what they can. 3.The afterschool program has four sessions: Fall, Winter 1, Winter 2 and Spring. Some classes are offered all year long, but other classes change at the time of the new session. 4.Students decide themselves whether or not they stay for afterschool on any given day, and we do not make calls home for students absent from afterschool. Discuss your student’s afterschool plan as a family. To confirm whether your student is present you may call the afterschool office at 612-668-4922 after 4:30pm. 5.The list of classes will be available in print format in the main office and in the announcements for students during advisory. Each session’s new class list will be published one week prior to the start of the session. 6.One week before the start of the session, students will receive a class choice form link in advisory. Students are responsible to make their own choices and submit the form, and they will only be contacted if a class they selected is unavailable (no confirmations are generated). 7.Community Education values youth voice and youth choice and students will have the opportunity to visit different class tables in the cafeteria before committing to their class choice for the day. 8.Safe behavior is expected at all times. Students not meeting the Afterschool Behavior Expectations (see reverse side) will be suspended or removed from activities. Students with unsafe behavior on the afterschool bus will be suspended or removed from the afterschool bus (this will not affect their morning bus or 3:10pm bus). 9.Buses are provided at 5:40pm. Any student that plans on taking the 5:40pm bus must be in afterschool from 3:10pm – 5:40pm. Students coming from Longfellow Park or any other community location cannot ride the bus! Students might not arrive home until 7:30pm, especially if your child is near the end of the bus route. Please call transportation at 612-668-2300 if your student’s bus is running late. 10.There are three afterschool class types at Sanford: Community Education classes, ALC classes, and Community Partner classes. The class type is not often known by participating students because all classes look and feel unique, but it’s important for families to know the differences. Ready to sign up for afterschool?! Click the 'enroll now' button to the right. Sanford Afterschool Consists of the Following Class Types Young people are able to select from three types of classes that make up our Sanford Afterschool Program and each provide unique opportunities. 1.Community Education classes a.Taught by part-time youth workers, comprised of dedicated community members and uniquely skilled individuals passionate about working with young people, all of whom are recruited and hired by the Community Education Coordinator b.Supplies, permission forms, etc. are overseen by the Community Education Department of Minneapolis Public Schools 2.ALC classes a.Classes with an academic goal related to Math, Reading, or Social-Emotional Learning b.Taught by licensed teachers who are currently teaching in a Minneapolis Public School (almost always right here at Sanford) c.Supplies, permission forms, etc. are overseen by Sanford’s ALC Lead, PE teacher Julie Anderson, with oversight from the MPS Extended Learning Department d.Funding for ALC classes at afterschool is tied to state dollars for academic support e.ALC teachers will send home a Continuous Learning Plan for you and your student to sign and return for state reporting purposes 3.Community Partners’ classes a.Minneapolis Community Education and Extended Learning Departments partner with local youth-serving organizations who lead their organization’s activities within our Afterschool Program. Examples of Community Partners include: Minneapolis YWCA, University of Minnesota Extension Services, Project SUCCESS, and the Kendama Institute. b.Community Partners hire, train and support their own staff to work with students in afterschool classes c.Supplies, permission forms, etc. are overseen by the Community Partner d.Community Partners are a huge asset to our afterschool program because they provide additional resources and opportunities, such as support staff, supplies/materials for projects, and transportation. Afterschool Behavior Expectations at Sanford Make sure you know how you’re getting home each day Sit with your afterschool class during snack time Students stay in the cafeteria between 3:10pm and 3:30pm Follow every adult’s instructions equally Phones are out of sight during class time upstairs The maximum is 2 students at a time for bathroom passes You will be asked if you have a pass in the hallway Show Up! Be Kind! Go Pro! Ready to sign up for afterschool?! Click the 'enroll now' button to the right. Providing a safe, quality Afterschool program for your child is our top priority. Afterschool programming is subject to change or cancellation because of transportation shortages and staff availability. We will communicate any changes or cancellations via email, phone calls, and flyers home. Afterschool classes and program start dates may be subject to change. Questions or Concerns? Please contact Ms. T, Community Education Program Coordinator at