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  • Monday ​MN Cycling (Seward) Gr. 4-5

    MN Cycling Grades 4-5 $0, $60, $120, $145, $175 The MN Cycling Center is bringing the Science of Cycling Class back! Our class uses many hands-on experiments with bicycles and bike components to explore how bikes work. We use equipment to measure force, pressure, and power in our experiments. Then we go for bicycle rides where we relate the experiments in the classroom to aspects of our bike rides, and we also cover group riding skills and the rules of the road. The classes are structured around the Bicycle Safety ABCs, and include the science behind each of the safety elements with some additional elements: A - Air, pump up your tires / learn about air pressure and how to fix a flat tire, B - Brakes, check your brakes / learn about leverage, friction, & how brakes work, C - Chain, check your chain / learn about chains and cogs, & what gear to be in. Do you want to learn how to ride your bike better, understand how your bike works, and have some fun? Then this class is for you!
  • ​GEMS and GISE (Seward) Gr. 4-5

    GEMS and GISE are after-school STEM programs designed specifically for students of the Minneapolis Public School District. The programs focus on explorations of science and mathematics through project-based and problem-based learning experiences promoting the integration of engineering and technology concepts, content, and process.