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  • Masters Swim Practice (Southwest Pool)

    Requirement: comfortable with repeated front crawl swims of 200 yards or longer. Participants no longer have to be registered for unless they are wanting to compete in swim meets. Certified experienced coaches will work with participants who are looking for conditioning, stroke work, and varied training in a team setting, Coaches work with a broad range of backgrounds, interests, speeds, and ability levels, to give daily practices a mental and physical challenge. Participants are not required to compete, but participant interest does include preparation for racing in pool races, open water, and triathlons. Frequently Asked Questions about U.S. Master Swimmers Masters Club- Minneapolis Community Education Additional Questions: SLIDING SCALE FEE: This program is set up with a sliding scale fee which helps us improve accessibility for families, while responsibly working toward financial sustainability. Class fees have a range of four fees presented in which families can choose the fee that best fits their budget.