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STEM: Tech Academy- Engineering: Solar, Hydro, and Wind Powered (Grades 6-8)

Summer Youth CE Programs / Henry/Camden Super Summer -
Summer Youth Programs 2024
Combine engineering and alternative energy (solar, hydro, and wind)! Build cars, cranes, drawbridges, and more from LEGO® kits and operate them using alternative energy sources. Students working in teams will experiment with wind, water, and solar panels, resulting in a high-powered, high-energy course! Projects include a waterwheel, windmill, Ferris wheel, and solar car. Students will learn how energy is developed from the sun, wind, and water. Solar energy can be captured by the LEGO® Solar Cell and used to power their models. Students will use the concepts they learned to design and create a test car to compete against their classmates on the last day. Students will be working in small teams of 2-3.

YE-46018-Su24-HE-7am Closed
Henry/Camden High School : TBD
Mon Aug 5 - Thu Aug 8
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Grades   6th - 8th

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