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Spanish 1 (Roosevelt)

Adult Enrichment / Languages -
Adult Enrichment Spring 2024

Learn beginning conversational Spanish skills by speaking, reading, writing and listening. This class includes learning to conjugate regular ar/er/ir verbs and the verb “to be” (ser and estar) in the present tense.

Key to Language Class Level

This class is priced on a sliding fee scale. Please pay the price you are able. This helps to ensure that Community Education can provide quality opportunities for all of our participants.

Angie Trimbach

Angie grew up in El Salvador and moved to Minnesota in 2005. She is passionate about the Spanish language, grammar, and culture of Latin America. She enjoys meeting people and exchanging ideas. Angie is an instructor at Ramsey Middle School. In addition to teaching Latin Dance, she tutors and mentors bilingual students. Prior to joining MPS, Angie was on the Safety Team at Cambria and in her role she provided training in Spanish as well as taught executives the language.

AE-12001-S24-RO Closed

  Angie Trimbach

Roosevelt High School : Room 115
Tuesdays, Apr 16 - May 21
6:00 - 7:15 PM


Min Age   18 yr.

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