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Internal Family Systems II: Working with Protector Parts (Roosevelt)

Adult Enrichment / Personal Development -
Adult Enrichment Spring 2024

Our internal systems contain protector parts. Protectors attempt to shield us from hurtful incidents or distressing relationships in our current lives, because they might connect with buried pain (trauma) from childhood. Some protectors navigate and organize in an effort to help us avoid “triggering.” Some protectors act to block out pain entirely. While protectors have positive intentions, they can prevent us from experiencing deeply positive feelings or being able to move forward on our life and relationship goals. In this class, we will take a deep dive into protectors, learn about them in our own systems, practice tools to work with them, and increase our capacity to lead our own internal systems calmly and courageously. 

Prerequisite: Internal Family Systems I: Intro to Self-Led Therapy Using IFS

This class is priced on a sliding fee scale. Please pay the price you are able. This helps to ensure that Community Education can provide quality opportunities for all of our participants.

Roberta Cullen

Roberta Cullen is a therapist, teacher, performer, creator, and researcher. She has been fully licensed as a mental health therapist in MN since 2017. Roberta began working with Internal Family Systems in 2012. She has attended numerous trainings, some with the founder, Dr. Richard Schwartz. She has also assisted with IFS professional training in MN. In addition, Roberta has a strong interest in how trauma is stored in the body, and has trained with Susan McConnell, IFS Master Trainer and leader in Somatic IFS at Susan’s annual retreat in Costa Rica. Roberta received full certification as an IFS professional as of the beginning of this year. “Offline”, Roberta enjoys traveling, reading, fishing, hiking, music, performing arts, recreational bicycling, and creating and experiencing art.

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  Roberta Cullen

Roosevelt High School : Room 207 – Career and College Center
Tuesdays, Apr 16 - May 21
6:30 - 8:30 PM


Min Age   18 yr.

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